jueves, 8 de noviembre de 2012

Can the nation recover its magic?

In February 2007, travelling of Bangalore's road towards Mysore, from the bus I saw there were cutting the magnificent trees that were bordering on it.
Trees more that centenary, enormous, wise, healthy, beneficial.
The deaths of these trees were serving for the construction of a great highway. Just on   the side there were hectares of land without any tree … my active mind was chattering on the madness of the greed of the human being.
Finally I could listen to my body, it was all pain and the tears went out.
Yesterday at the airport of O Porto I had little time waiting for my father and Maria, they were coming from Genève. Turning the pages of The Times of India I saw this photo.
Probably will the light of the conscience ignite …?
Photo and text:  Donatienne

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