sábado, 10 de marzo de 2012

Sale Finca A Pousa

28,000 metre site in Gondomar, province of Gondomar, Galicia, Spain.
Located just 15 minutes from both Peinador airport in Vigo and from the Portugese border; Valenca do Miño and Vilanova de Cervera.
Only 10 minutes from America Beach, Nigran and Baiona.
Looking to the South and protected from the North.
With its own springs and fountain.
Forests of chesnut, oak, walnut, birch trees...
Many fruit trees, decorative trees and a big variety of garden plants.

Fertile biological soil dating back to 1987.
Emblazoned house built in 1757, restored in 1987.
A big house with a lot of possibilities.
Creative space where the old vineyard cellar was situated.

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